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Attend a wedding only in a formal dress and suit!

20. 07. 2022

Attend a wedding only in a formal dress and suit!

After a relatively long pause, social events have returned, including weddings. If you are planning to attend the wedding of someone from the family or from your circle of friends this summer, then you are definitely already thinking about what dress to wear for the event.

The type of dress, its material and design depend on several factors. You should take into account the season of the year when the wedding is scheduled, the environment in which the ceremony and following wedding festivities take place, as well as the role you will play at the wedding.

There are different dresses suitable for witnesses, other dresses are suitable for a bridesmaid and also the mothers of the bride and groom should be dressed completely differently. The situation is much easier for you if you are attending a wedding as a regular wedding guest. However, one rule always applies - ladies must never come in white formal dress.

Women's wedding dresses

Immediately after the bride, mothers of the bride and groom are one of the most important women at the wedding. They also want to shine at their children's wedding. Therefore, their dresses should be given proper attention, however the choice of cut and colors of the formal dress are very important. Make sure the dress flatters the figure and is appropriate to the age of the lady wearing it. The color of the dress should match the wedding color, which will also include wedding decorations and decor.

Even for mothers the rules applies - they should avoid white and black colors of dresses. Above all, the material should be pleasant and, if possible, non-shrinking, because the mothers will spend the whole festive day dressed in them. You can definitely lend a dress, but if you choose to buy a well-fitting model of formal dress, you can then use it for other occasions as well.

Witnesses and bridesmaids should honor the bride's wishes when choosing clothes. So if the bride decides on the color, materials and cut of the dress for the bridesmaids, everything is clear. If there are little girls in the family, then it is possible to get the same clothes for all the little bridesmaids that can be borrowed. Then you don't have to deal with its selling or cleaning of bridesmaid dresses.

However, adult bridesmaids or witnesses should have more freedom in choosing wedding dresses. In most cases, they buy the wedding dress themselves, so they should be able to wear the dress for other occasions, too.

Men's wedding clothes

Until recently, gentlemen basically had to wear jackets and ties or bow ties for weddings. However, this is no longer the case today, and men's suit is more of an option than a duty. Nevertheless, gentlemen should still pay attention to what they wear for the wedding. So what should gentlemen wear for a wedding? Although it depends on the wedding dress code, it is generally enough to wear a jacket and tie/bow tie today only for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.

The color of the wedding suit should match the set dress code of the wedding, but the men's suit can be in addition to the classic black and dark blue in light blue, light gray or other colors.

Formal dresses according to the etiquette

Modern and formal wedding dresses for guests are no longer subject to such strict rules as in the past. It is possible to choose from a larger number of materials, colors and cuts. Everything can be customized. However, it is always necessary to choose everything according to the wishes of the bride and groom. However, buy a type of a guest wedding dress so that you can wear it repeatedly and for other occasions.

Ideally, choose a dress for a wedding from materials that are easy to clean and comfortable to wear. This is the only way you will be able to enjoy the wedding festivities and you will not have to worry about the clothes being destroyed. Perfect are materials from which stains from wine, food, sweat or makeup can be removed easily.

However, formal dresses never belong in a washing machine. In any case, it is better to take them to the dry cleaners after the wedding, where they will be taken care of. Otherwise, you could pull something completely different from the washing machine than you put there.

Cleaning formal clothes and men's suits is a relatively difficult discipline, which is best handled in dry cleaners and laundries.


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