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Upcycling, in other words, transformation of old unwanted product into new one

21. 11. 2019 Nikola Havlíčková

Upcycling, in other words, transformation of old unwanted product into new one

We all have old and boring pieces of clothing in our closet over time. But they do not always have to end up in a landfill. Not only is such behavior unecological, but it is also unnecessary. Let's see what upcycling is and how it can help us.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of processing used and remaining materials to produce something new in a higher quality. Leftovers of textiles, old clothes or by-products from production are used for the process. Otherwise, the above-mentioned "parts" would be thrown away. By using the leftovers, you contribute to the development of a lifestyle called zero waste. You also extend the life cycle of individual materials.

What is the goal of upcycling?

In one expression it is: Waste reduction! The clothes are not thrown away, but transformed for further use. That's the main idea. Thanks to it, the burden on the planet Earth is eliminated. That boring T-shirt at the bottom of the closet does not have to be completely forgotten and meant to end in the landfill. Scissors, needle and thread are real helpers who can fight with boredom in a second! With a little dexterity, an original piece is created that could not be found in any wardrobe.

Upcycling is not recycling

What do you create from?

Upcycling is often mistaken for recycling. The difference lies in the materials used. Waste is used for recycling. Leftovers of materials that are not waste yet are used for upcycling. Basically, it is about giving value to unused materials.

What will be created?

Another difference is the final form of the final product. The recycled piece is assembled from already finished products and you are just modifying its current form. Take a T-shirt or backpack as an example. On the contrary, the recycled item is brand new, made from garbage. It can have any look, shape or use. For example, you get a new cup from recycled PET bottles.

Upcycling is no news

Upcycling as such has been around for a long time and the original idea is still preserved. However, its use has changed over the years. Our ancestors encountered upcycling processes practically on a daily basis. Upcycling was part of the running of every household. After all, you could hardly go to the supermarket in the past and buy a replacement. Don't forget the term "golden Czech hands".

Upcycling as a symbol of ecology

Nowadays, upcycling is not so common, but it is returning to the consciousness of people at high speed. Especially because of ecology, which is a big topic. The present time is presented as a time of plastic and a time of waste. Upcycling does not generate waste and reduces the impact on the environment.

Upcycling is gaining popularity

Knowledge of upcycling processes has expanded considerably in recent years. This was mainly due to the designers and artists who bring old objects to life. Thanks to this, you will also find use of old, worn or unused things. In the spirit of slow fashion and a responsible approach to fashion, man and nature, new dresses, skirts, tops or bags are made from old shirts. Backpacks are made of paper and elegant handbags are made of car seat belts.

Upcycling can handle everything

You can upcycle not only clothes, but basically everything you have in your home. Starting from the mentioned clothes, through dishes to furniture. And so you can easily make pots out of old cups or bowls for your plants. All you need is a little color and imagination. You can use old wooden pallets, originally used to transport construction materials, as garden furniture. If the pallets are in excellent condition, then they can also be used at home as a bed, cabinet, bench or table.

And there are countless possibilities! Therefore, prolong the life of things as much as you can. Nature will be grateful for that.


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