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How to clean leather, feathers or silk? They always know better in the dry cleaners!

24. 03. 2022

How to clean leather, feathers or silk? They always know better in the dry cleaners!

You often ask us how we clean your clothes. You are interested in what we do with the individual pieces in the dry cleaners. That is why we have prepared a small summary of specific ways of cleaning clothes according to the types of its materials. And we have also added some of the most common things that bother you.

Come and look under the lid of the washing machines, where your leather clothes, duvets, cashmere sweaters, sportswear or carpets are being brought. During our regular business hours in all of our branches we will be happy to take over everything you would otherwise give to the courier. Each material has its own treatment requirements and our professionals know how to deal with all of them in all circumstances. So you can be sure that when you hand over your clothes to a courier or leave them at our branch, they will get into the most professional hands.

Leather cleaning

Leather clothes for motorcycles, leather jackets or trousers need to be brought to a special dry cleaner that cleans the leather material chemically. There, everything is cleaned, painted and lubricated with special products. Usually the leather is lubricated in the washing machine, if it is still not greasy enough, it is applied by hand. If the leather is bleached or does not have a continuous color, the clothes are sprayed with paint. In some cases, it is possible to clean the leather by water without the use of chemicals - ecologically.

Feather cleaning

The feathers are cleaned in a wet way, because if cleaned in a dry way (chemically) they would cause an odor. Feather jackets and duvets are dried after a wet bath with tennis balls so the feathers are fluffy. Greasy feathers can cause black dots on its cover. Black feathers can then be visible on a light jacket as they will be seen through due to its color. Some feather down jackets cannot be dried in the dryer, but they still have to dry out, because otherwise the feathers would stick together and stale. However, our staff will tell you all about it.

Fur parts of jackets and coats

The fur collar looks beautiful, but you must pay really good attention to it not to burn it when drying. The collar is either detached and dried separately or if it cannot be detached from the jacket, the jacket must be dried at a drying temperature which is less than 70 °C.

Sheep wool cleaning

The wool is usually cleaned chemically, but there is an exception - merino wool, which is cleaned in a wet way. A special detergent is used when cleaning merino wool - Lanolin. The wool is washed at 30 °C so as not to lose its features.

Fur cleaning

The procedure is similar for furs, which can often be used instead of carpets. If you have fur in front of the couch at home, it may happen that your lovely dog pees on such a "carpet". Unfortunately, urine is an aggressive fluid and can cause bits of fur to fall out. The same thing happens when the bottom of the fur is damaged, old or otherwise damaged. Furs are cleaned chemically, so after cleaning, the furs can smell like chemicals.

Silk washing

Silk blouses and scarves are cleaned in a wet way, gently and at a low temperature, otherwise they would be destroyed. Sometimes dry chemical cleaning is also used on them, but when sweat gets on the silk, you can't get rid of it in any way. If sweat soaks in the area of armpits, it disrupts the structure and it can also make little holes. If necessary, silk clothes are placed in nets so that the fabric does not tear in the washing machine.

Nets for jackets

To keep jackets and other clothes in the washing machine safe, special nets are used to prevent damages to the zipper, applications and other accessories. During cleaning, artificial buttons could dissolve and stick to the fabric. This can be prevented by using button caps that are clicked onto the button and those do not dissolve or bake.


Majority of sportswear and outdoor clothing is made out of functional materials. Sometimes even from gore tex. Those are cleaned wet and are only lightly dried. They are always washed at very low temperature. After washing, it is time for impregnation or finishing.

The difference between finishing and impregnation

Impregnation - firstly there is a washing and only then it is time for impregnation in the washing machine (special program for impregnation), then the clothes are dried.

Finishing - it is applied only to clothes cleaned chemically - dry cleaned clothes are placed on a board, which sucks on the clothes and then a finishing is sprayed on it, which must then be ironed.

A fabric softener is a special chapter. It is added to clothes only if you prefer for it to be added. However, a water softener is automatically added to the washing machine. The laundry does not smell or stink after washing, but it is very soft to the touch. Ironing is also a matter of course, thanks to which your clothes will look great when they are returned to you.

How do we clean stains?

For stains, it is necessary to always determine what they are from and then the cleaning procedure is determined accordingly. Various products are used when something is just soiled, so first a soap is used to pre-wash the stains. When the stain is more resistant (blood, red wine, coffee, etc.), special stain removers are used. The product is applied to the stain directly and then it is sprayed. However, speed is very important when you have stains, so it is necessary to clean it as soon as possible. You can read how you can get rid of stains at home in our article about the most common stains.

How long does cleaning take in the dry cleaners?

Daily worn clothes such as T-shirts, blouses, shirts or hoodies stay in the dry cleaners or laundry room for 24 hours. However, the exact time between picking up clothes by a courier or leaving them at one of our branch and picking up or delivering clean clothes may vary.

It mainly depends on what material are clothes made of and what the requirements for its cleaning and drying are. If the clothes are provided with a label from the manufacturer stating that drying in the dryer is prohibited, then drying may and will take longer.

What can get into Cleany laundry basket?

Basically everything that can be cleaned by water. You can easily put T-shirts, pants, underwear, hoodies, etc. in the laundry basket. If you prefer getting your clothes back ironed as well, do not forget to click on this option in your order. Thanks to that, no unpleasant surprise will wait you when you get your clothes back.

We will iron for you

Can't you make it to the meeting on time and do you need to have your shirt ironed? We will iron it for you without washing at our branch. However, if you want to order ironing online, you need to have it washed, too. The same applies for T-shirts and other clothes ready to be ironed.

A clean cot for your little ones

We will be happy to help you with children's clothing, bedding for cots and other things such as a pillow mantinels. Unfortunately, we can't handle the pillow braid, because we have experience that it might be damaged during cleaning. The pillow braid is not quilted, so there is a high risk of the inner material being stuck together on one side.

Manual cleaning

Unfortunately, we cannot wash or clean by hand. All washing and cleaning is done by machines, but we can set a gentle washing program on the machines. However, we cannot guarantee that the product will not be damaged.

Individual carpet cleaning You can easily have individual carpets of a size of 2-12 m² cleaned on our website. If you have a larger carpet, call our infoline, where we will arrange its cleaning.

Cleaning without any differences

We do not distinguish between men's or women's clothing, the price is always the same. It doesn't even matter if the clothes are big or small. For example, skirts cost the same, whether it's a miniskirt or a maxiskirt.

If you are interested in some more information about what and how we clean or wash, see the frequently asked question. If you do not find the answer there, contact us at our infoline.


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