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Do you know how and when to clean duvets and other feather products?

13. 03. 2022

Do you know how and when to clean duvets and other feather products?

Who wouldn't love the feeling when you fall into bed at your grandmother's cottage and cover yourself with a proper feather duvet. Feathers are a perfect natural material that will keep you warm while walking through the winter landscape or even during cold nights. However, in order for you to be able to enjoy the feather warmth without any worries, it is necessary to clean the feather jackets and bedding regularly.

And we are here to keep the feathers in your duvets and pillows clean. Cleaning feathers is important because it removes all impurities including mites, bacteria and mold.

How often to clean feathers?

Regularity is essential when cleaning feathers. You should not forget to regularly clean duvets and pillows, because you would expose yourself to possible problems with mites and bacteria. These could cause you unpleasant rashes and eczema. Feather blankets should be cleaned ideally every 5 years, the recommended time for pillows is shorter, because they are in more frequent contact with your hair and skin. Therefore, you should clean feather pillows every 2 years.

Get rid of mold, mites and allergens from your duvets

Feather blankets and pillows need to be cleaned for several reasons. The main thing is hygiene. Dust, dirt and especially harmful mites, bacteria, mold and other allergens accumulate inside the feather bedding or in the down duvets.

Appearance of allergies, skin irritation and other unpleasant symptoms can be prevented not only by regular cleaning, but also by regular ventilation of feather down blankets and pillows. You should do this at least twice a week. In the summer, when it is nice and sunny outside, take the duvets outside and let them dry and ventilate in the sun. The sun's radiation contains UV radiation and it also helps with destroying bacteria.

In addition to hygienic cleanliness, cleaning the feathers has an effect on the fluffiness of the pillows or blankets as well. Thanks to cleaning, broken feathers are removed and replaced with new ones. After cleaning, your feather down blankets and pillows will be clean and hazard free for your health, so you can sleep peacefully.

To ensure a longer life for down blankets and pillows, buy the least permeable down duvets.

Let dry cleaner's take care of your feathers

Even if you probably put your feather jacket into a home washing machine from time to time, you better don't try to wash a feather down duvet or pillow this way. Unlike a jacket, the inside of the duvet or pillow is fully filled with feathers, they are much larger and the washing machine would probably not be able to handle such a volume and the duvet washing would end up as a disaster. Also, consider the fact that wet feathers get really heavy and the washing machine motor could boil. Another problem could occur during drying. Poorly dried feathers could form lumps and begin to mold. The feathers are naturally greasy and the grease disappears when washed, so that is the reason why feathers completely disintegrate after a while. Therefore, you should rather stop trying to wash your feathers with no success and trust the professionals.

Tip: When washing the feather down jacket, add a few tennis balls into the washing machine so that the feathers remain fluffy in the jacket.

New feather down duvet or quality after grandma?

The procedure is that the feather down duvet must be ruptured when cleaning the feathers. The old one is thrown away and then replaced with a new and clean one. The quality of the inside material really matters, the quality ones are fine and do not make any noise. The replacement of the inside parts stops the accumulation of feathers down in the down duvet. Nowadays, the inside of the down duvets is sewn across the area and the feathers are thus closed in individual sections and so it does not have the possibility to slide.

But if you don't want to lose the feathers from your grandmother's pillow, you don't have to worry about losing it. There is a feather dry cleaner's that can handle that as well. Thanks to the special technology, the feathers can be cleaned directly inside and it is not even necessary to rupture it. If you are considering cleaning the feathers, plan on it out of the season, as it is necessary to take into account that cleaning the feathers takes a while. The price can also be decisive when cleaning feathers, as it is possible that the feathers will be in such a condition that cleaning is no longer worth the price. Therefore, it is better to consult everything with professionals in feather dry cleaner's.

How to clean feathers?

Dry cleaning professionals will consider and opt for the best way to clean the feathers. It depends on the level of pollution. Either the feathers are cleaned when wet, by a steam or in a dry way (chemically).

Which feathers are the best?

This question is not so easy to be answered. It depends on the purposes you are intended to use the feathers. Dust feathers are great for blankets. The best duvets are filled with 90% dust feathers, which are smooth and soft. Thanks to its structure, the feathers do not break through the duvet, so the material they are made of can be softer and smoother. Such duvets will offer you a more comfortable feeling during sleep. Their purchase price is slightly higher, but on the other hand they will stay with you for many years. If you take care of them and send them regularly to a feather dry cleaner's, you might be able to enjoy them easily for 30 years.

On the contrary, for the pillows it is better to use the combination of dust feathers and classic feathers. The reason is very simple, you would fall into the feathers and this could cause back and neck pain. Thanks to the classic feathers, which has quills, the pillow remains dimensionally stable and can fulfill its supporting feature. There are different mixing ratios of dust and classical feathers, for example 70% dust feathers and 30% classical feathers or 50% dust feathers and 50% classical feathers.

Goose or duck feathers are commonly used in sleeping bags, feather down jackets, duvets and pillows. The goose feathers are of better quality than the duck ones. Duck feathers are relatively greasy and can therefore smell. However, the lightest and most insulating raw material in the world is the seagull's dust feathers. Because it is obtained by harvesting from seagull's nests, it is very expensive and so are the products made of it. One more reason to make sure you know how to wash a duck feather jacket so you don't have to buy a new one.

So if you would like to keep your feather down blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, jackets and other products filled with feathers in a good condition, you need to take care of them regularly and frequently send them to a feather dry cleaner's. You can do so via our form right now.


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