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How to prepare your closet for the spring season

16. 03. 2020 Nikola Havlíčková

How to prepare your closet for the spring season

Tulips already decorate more than just one household and this means only one thing - the arrival of spring. For the spring season, the unwritten rule of cleaning and reorganizing the wardrobe applies in order to exchange winter clothes for spring ones. How to prepare your wardrobe for the spring season in the spirit of sustainability and slow fashion? There are several answers to that question, so let's explain them together.


It's more than clear - say goodbye to feather jackets and warm coats. We will no longer need their services. In the best case, let's have them cleaned before storing them into different storage spaces. Let's be careful and always store clothing that is expected to be stored for a long time perfectly cleaned and dried. This will prevent inconvenience in the form of an attack of clothes moths. Therefore, it is advisable to have your winter clothes cleaned and dried in a dry cleaner, which will guarantee you the perfect preparation of your clothes for storage. We provide cleaning of all kinds of winter clothing, from jackets and coats, through ski sets to scarves and hats. That is done with a use of technologies that are nature and textile friendly. Therefore, we will be happy to help you prepare your wardrobe for the season of nature's blossoming.


Even though we filled the closet with all kinds of clothes while preparing the wardrobe for winter time, it is very likely that we did not wear part of it the whole winter at all. Believe it or not, we won't be wearing those clothes next winter either, so let's get rid of them and free up space for easier organization of clothes in closet. Let's give the clothes that we didn't even touch during the winter to the charity, let's throw it in a container for clothes, give it to friends, take it to second hand store or let's swap at various events. Spring closet cleaning is an ideal opportunity to sort unworn clothes, so let's take advantage of it.


The spring clothes collections are attacking us from all sides. We all want to bring something new, fresh into our spring wardrobe. This is completely natural but do not let a shopping fever get you! Also, think about your clothes purchases so you will not refill the sorted wardrobe with piles of clothes that you will not have a chance to wear. If you want new additions to our wardrobe, let's give local designers and manufacturers who support sustainability a chance. In Prague you can buy sustainable fashion in, for example, the NILA store, Etikbutik and in many others.


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