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Washing baby clothes doesn't have to be a rocket science

01. 02. 2021

Washing baby clothes doesn't have to be a rocket science

Children often get dirty and it is necessary to change them several times a day. It's not a problem when you have enough pieces of clothes. However, this can become a problem when it comes to washing and ironing. In addition, children's clothing needs special care to avoid irritating soft and smooth skin of your baby. We have prepared a few tips for you that will make your life much easier.

Washing and ironing piles of baby clothes, jumpers, bodysuits, socks, sheets and stroller covers are necessary activities on the daily do-to list of all mothers. Even those who are just getting ready to give a birth to a baby have to wash and iron their baby clothes.

The truth is that it's not exactly fun and it's quite challenging. Moreover, you probably don't want to be next to the ironing board when you're in a high level of pregnancy. However, there is a solution that can make your situation easier. Send all the baby clothes and textiles to a dry cleaners and have them cleaned and ironed by a professional. Then, you will just store clean clothes in the closet and look forward to the baby joining you soon.

However, if you want to do the washing yourself, you should follow some advice that will make your duties easier.

New clothes

When you are preparing baby must-haves, gear and even when you are buying new clothes for children, you must not underestimate its cleanliness. Before you put the clothes on the baby for the first time, wash it and iron it. The new clothes seem unused and clean, but the truth is they don't have to be. In addition, the clothes may contain remnants of chemicals from the factory where they were made. Besides, you don't know who touched the clothes. When washing the baby clothes and textiles for the first time, it is enough to set a temperature to 30-40° C.

Cloth diapers

Have you decided to use cloth diapers? Keep in mind that they need to be washed separately from other clothes. Rinse and soak them immediately after use, then put them in the washing machine and wash them at 60° C. If the baby is groaning, it is recommended to wash the diapers at a temperature of 90° C. Diapers are really washed a lot so it is possible that they will gradually turn gray since they are used very often. We have a tip for you on how to bleach diapers.

All you have to do is wash them in a strong bleach such as Savo perex or use hydrogen peroxide. If it is possible it is recommended that you let the diapers dry in the sun, which will whiten them nicely. However, if you want to be 100% sure they are clean, send them to the dry cleaners.

How to wash baby clothes?

It was previously said that you should boil children's clothing, but scientists have proven that even a lower temperature, ideally 60° C, is enough to kill the bacteria. Later, when the child is older, it is recommended to wash children's clothes at 40-60° C, which of course depends on the material from which the clothes are made of and also on the level of dirt. Always wash clothes in the washing machine, hand washing does not guarantee that you will get rid of all dirt and bacteria.

Use a detergent designed for washing children's clothes. These detergents are not perfumed or colored. You can choose between powder and gel. To ensure that no powder remains in the clothes, add one more cycle of rinsing. Children's skin is very sensitive and powder remnants could irritate it.

Apply bile soap to the laundry, which is very dirty and let the laundry soak. Instead of powder, you can use soap nuts, which are environmentally friendly but do not handle much of a dirt.

Another alternative to conventional detergents is soap slime. You can also make ecological, cheap and also hypoallergenic soap slime at home. It is great for washing cloth diapers, for which it is fine that they can gradually turn gray. However, do not wash fleece sweatshirts or functional clothing in it. Slime would clog the membranes and clothing would lose its features.

Use fabric softener carefully. The fabric softener can irritate the baby's skin, but if you want to use the fabric softener, choose a baby friendly one and start using it from al least the age of six years. However, instead of fabric softener, you can add a little vinegar to the washing machine, which will soften the clothes. However, it works even without fabric softener, you can also get soft clothes by ironing.


Ironing may seem like a useless activity to you, but it is very important at least in the beginning when the baby is born, because it helps to soften the laundry and, above all, it can rid the clothes of any remaining bacteria. Always iron clothes inside out to avoid damaging applications and prints.

Washing plush toys

In addition to children's clothing, you should regularly wash and clean the plush toys that your child plays with. Many bacteria remain on them. It is enough to use children's washing powder to wash plush toys, but this time really forget about any fabric softener. Wash plush toys at a maximum of 40° C and use a delicate washing program. Set the squeeze to low speed and let the toys dry properly.


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