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Keep your dance costumes in a good shape

03. 04. 2022

Keep your dance costumes in a good shape

This year's ball season did not go exactly as it used to go in the past, it was still a pleasant change after the covid break. It even looks like the conditions for organizing weddings will improve this year, which suggests that formal clothes will be regularly used again.

Whether you are a fan of standard dances, Latin dances or other types of dance, you are definitely thinking about what dress will have a wow effect on everyone present on the floor. Unless you are a professional dancer, you probably don't have any extra pieces of these outfits, so you need to take proper care of your dance clothes so that you can enjoy them properly.

Like any other piece of clothing, dance dresses too need to be washed from time to time. However, it is very important to be careful when cleaning formal clothes, because washing clothes for ballroom dancing has many pitfalls. Fine and very delicate cloths are very susceptible to damage. When you put them in the washing machine, you will most likely only pull out a ball of crumpled fabric. Before you start washing your dance costume, you should prepare for the process of it properly.

What not to do when washing formal clothes?

Definitely do not use any ordinary detergents when washing formal clothes, shirts, pants or ball gowns. Shampoos or shower gels are much better because they contain substances that are suitable for washing cloths that are ballroom dancing gowns made of. They easily wash off any grease, they wash clothes, but do not rub stones, beads and sequins.

Do not soak dresses or suits in water for a long time, is usually does not do any good to the fabrics. Dresses could lose their shape and might not hold up as well as they were used to after drying. The same applies for shirts and men's pants. Somewhere then, depending on the material, may or may not come the time for ironing. However, you will also find out about it from the label.

Do not squeeze any dresses for standard or Latin dances, suits, shirts, pants or any other formal dresses. The fabric would crease and destroy irretrievably. Also, forget about the dryer, which would also destroy the fabric.

Recommendations for washing formal dresses

Refer to the manufacturer's recommendations before you start any washing. In general, you should wash your formal dresses in colder, almost in completely cold water, to which you add washing gel. Soak the formal dresses for just a few minutes, then place them on an indoor dryer and put a towel under the dresses, which you should change regularly.

Do you have a little latino dancer at home? Or are you going to compete in Latin American dances yourself? Then you are for sure familiar with self-tanning cream and glitters. Both of these are very easy to get on a dress. You can get rid of the self-tanning cream more easily by pre-cleaning the stain with a toothbrush before soaking it in the water.

Latino dresses have many tassels that look very effective when moving, but they only do no good when washing. To make them look as good as when you brought them from the store, then do not squeeze them after washing, take a hair dryer instead and dry them. If the tassels are unraveled, trim them a few millimeters and lightly varnish their ends with colorless nail polish. If you have feathers on your formal dresses, dry them with a hair dryer. You should wash the feather boa separately from the dresses.

Let the professionals do the washing

What is certain, however, is that it is better to leave some work to professionals. Beautiful dance costumes for Latin, standard, ballet and other types of dances are very expensive, so it pays back to leave their washing to professionals. They know exactly what each fabric requires and they also know how to handle decorations and accessories so your dresses would come back to you in the best shape and you could shine on the floor.


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