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Do you know how often to wash towels and bed linen?

25. 05. 2020

Do you know how often to wash towels and bed linen?

Hygiene is now perhaps the most inflected word in the world. We have learned to wash our hands as surgeons, disinfection accompanies us every step of the way and it is cleaned at home at least three times a week as if a mother-in-law is coming for a visit. But don't you forget bed linen, duvets, pillows or towels?

Bed linen and towels are a breeding ground for bacteria of all kinds. Therefore we should change them every week. In reality, however, most of us wash them less often, but according to surveys, every 20th person wash them only once a month.

How often do you change the bed sheets?

Bed linen and towels, which are not changed regularly, accumulate sweat and bacteria inside of them, which can harm our health. During the night, one can sweat up to 1 liter of sweat, which, in addition to pajamas, soaks into the bed linen.

In addition, washing is a problem as well. Even though the sheets are bulky, people try to wash them all at once. However, the drums of home-used washing machines are not made for such a large volume of laundry. Water and washing powder do not penetrate everywhere and the bed linen is not washed properly. It is also important to remove the bed sheets from the washing machine and let them dry. Ideally dry it in the dryer, if you don't have it, hang it in a dry place, preferably in the sun.

In case you do not even have such an option, it will be best if you send the bed sheets to the dry cleaners. From there they will be returned 100% clean and ironed. In addition, you save yourself some time, the courier will pick up your laundry and bring the clean back. So you don't even have to deal with transport to the dry cleaners and back.

How to clean duvets and pillows?

You may be wondering why you should wash a blanket and a pillow when the sheets are protecting it. This is true, but sweat and bacteria still accumulate in them. So you should wash them at least 4 times a year. For most pillows and duvets, a washing machine will suffice, but sometimes blankets are made of materials that require special care. For example, duvets filled with feathers must be sent to a feather dry cleaners, where they will be professionally cleaned.

How often do you wash towels?

According to experts, towels are a real breeding ground for bacteria. The moisture that the towels absorb does very well to the bacteria, so they can easily multiply. Therefore, the towels should be changed after only two days of use and you should wash them at a minimum of 60° C. It is better to wash the towels you use on your face or for children every day.

Wash towels in gel washing detergent, classic washing powder can get caught in between the fibers. Do not use fabric softener when washing towels as it reduces the level of absorbency of the material.

However, other rules need to be followed during the period in between washes. Hang the towels after each use so that they can dry as quickly as possible. Never share a towel with other members of the household.

Whether you follow these rules to the details or you are a little more benevolent, you have to wash towels and bed linen in any case. Since these always create large volumes of laundry, you can either choose to spend the whole day doing the laundry or send it to a dry cleaners and go somewhere to have fun.

Thanks to Cleany's online dry cleaning services, you don't have to compromise on your calendar. All you have to do is prepare the laundry, order the courier, hand him the package and wait for the courier to bring you clean and fragrant laundry back. The only thing Cleany won't do for you is put the laundry in the closet and cover the duvets and pillows with the sheets.


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