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Washing sports clothes for yoga is not a rocket science

19. 07. 2022

Washing sports clothes for yoga is not a rocket science

Yoga, beloved by some, damned by others. Don't you worry, we won't try to convince you to start doing yoga or stop with it. We have looked at yoga from a slightly different perspective. Namely from the point of view of a suitable yoga outfit. The following article will tell you what you should wear while doing yoga and how to take care of your clothes after.

Since yoga is all about relaxation and well-being, you should definitely not underestimate the choice of suitable sportswear. Improper clothing could ruin your experience from yoga exercise. Constantly pulling on your T-shirt or tight sweatpants is simply not the right thing to do.

How to choose clothes for yoga?

It doesn't matter if you are going to yoga for the first time or if you practice it regularly, it is always a good idea to dress comfortably. Follow these rules so that your sports clothes fit you well and do not restrict your movement in any way.

Choose the right size

Sports top, sports bra, yoga leggings or sports panties, all these pieces have one thing in common. And that's a well-chosen size. As we have already mentioned, clothes must be comfortable and must not strangle or bother you anywhere. But be careful, at the same time, it must not be too loose, because the T-shirt and tank top must not roll down to your head during the asanas. That wouldn't add any good to your comfort. Especially at group lessons. Yoga clothes should simply fit perfectly.

When practicing yoga, you will move smoothly from one position to another and your clothes should not prevent you from doing so at all. It must simply not be too tight or too loose.

Did you know that sports tops in particular can press and be too tight for you? This is fine when running or when doing other dynamic movements, but it is not desirable at all for yoga. Be very careful when choosing women's sports underwear. Try different cuts and strengths and choose the most comfortable one.

The material of the sportswear matters

The most popular women's sportswear is made of functional materials. Cotton has not been at the forefront of popularity for a long time now, as it easily soaks up sweat and cools you down. Today, there are materials in the course that take sweat away from the body, dry quickly, are absorbent and, above all, pleasant to the body.

Yoga sportswear should be elastic, strong and durable. This is the only way to give you the much-needed freedom and support where it is needed.

Don't underestimate the design either

We probably don't have to remind you that it doesn't matter if you exercise at home or in the studio. You must always feel good during exercise. Therefore, do not underestimate the design of underwear or sportswear. In the market you will find a wide range of sports tops and leggings in many colors, with a variety of designes to choose from.

How to take care of yoga clothes?

It is not worth to save money on quality yoga clothes. Just like other sportswear, they often have to be washed and cheaper pieces would probably not handle it. When you buy really high-quality sportswear and take proper care of it, it will last you much longer. As a result, you will save not only your wallet, but also the environment.

How to take care of sportswear (not only) for yoga?

  • Yoga clothing is maintained in the same way as any other sportswear. So start by reading the maintenance label. Even if you remove it from your clothes, keep it. You will find information on how to take care of the specific piece of clothes there.

  • You can wash functional clothing both in the hand and in the washing machine. But always wash it at 30° C, maximum 40° C, on a gentle program or hand wash. Some washing machines even have a special program for washing sports clothes. 

  • Use a special detergent for wool and synthetics. Functional merino wool sports tops are suitable for yoga. Do not use fabric softener or other softeners or bleach.

  • Wash functional clothing separately. Definitely do not wash it with clothes that could damage it. Pay particular attention to metal parts and zippers. 

  • Dry functional clothes in the open air, avoid the dryer if possible. And definitely don't iron it.

To sum it up, yoga clothes can definitely be washed at home. However, if you do not want to turn on the washing machine for one piece or you simply do not have time, send it to our laundry room with the rest of the laundry. We will give it the best care and return it to you perfectly clean and in great shape. You will just take your yoga mat and start the next exercise.


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