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Do you know how to clean high-pile carpets and low-pile carpets?

01. 11. 2022

Do you know how to clean high-pile carpets and low-pile carpets?

Single carpets and carpets with low and high pile tend to be a frequent addition to interiors. And there is nothing to be surprised about, the space always feels nice and cozy and, last but not least, also soundproof. This is particularly useful in block of flats, where you can hear almost everything. High-pile carpets can mainly help with this, but they are a little more demanding to maintain than low-pile carpets. See how to take care of your carpet without spending a fortune.

It may surprise you, but there is no need to pull out any heavy duty products in the form of commercial chemicals on all impurities. Most stains and dirt can be dealt with products made according to so-called grandmother's advice.

What kind of dirt does a high-pile carpet hide?

A carpet with a high pile is troubled by the same kind of dirt as a carpet with a low pile - you will find dust, food crumbs, hair or animal hair, chewing gum or stains from wine, coffee, urine, grease and other impurities can appear here and there. However, what is different is the method of cleaning - a shaggy carpet is much more difficult to clean due to the high pile which makes it difficult to access dirt. So, if you choose a carpet with a high pile, expect to spend more time cleaning it.

How to clean a high pile carpet? The absolute basis of a clean carpet is regular and frequent vacuuming. Smaller carpets with a high pile can easily be knocked outside with a carpet knocker.

Dry cleaning will help the carpet if you don't want to get it wet too often

You don't need to soak the carpets too often, sometimes dry cleaning is enough, which, in addition to deep cleaning, also includes cleaning with dry powder or special dry foam made for cleaning carpets, which you can get at the drugstore. Sprinkle the powder on the carpet, get it into the pile of the carpet with a brush and then vacuum.

However, you can replace the powder with baking soda, which has a similar cleaning effect. To make your apartment smell nice, just add 10 to 20 drops of essential oil to half a kilogram of baking soda, mix well and seal it in a container. When cleaning, sprinkle the carpet, leave for 5 minutes and then vacuum.

Compared to the chemical products, baking soda is ecological and, moreover, cheaper. At the same time, baking soda cleans, disinfects and absorbs odors.

How to clean a carpet with baking soda?

  1. Thoroughly vacuum or knock the carpet.
  2. Pour a bigger amount of baking soda on it.
  3. Get the baking soda into the thick pile of the carpet with a brush.
  4. Leave it on ideally overnight.
  5. Vacuum up the soda or knock out the carpet.

Wet carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning of the carpet may not always be sufficient. At that point, water and machine or hand cleaning of the carpet comes into play. Be sure to vacuum the carpet thoroughly before machine cleaning.

You can remove small stains with a sponge and soapy water. You can also use baking soda when wet cleaning. Mix baking soda with water in such a ratio that it forms a thick slurry. Then apply this paste to the stains, leave it on and wash it off. However, be sure to dry the carpet thoroughly so that it does not become stale.

Cleaning the carpet using frost or sunshine

Carpets with both low and high pile are home to dust mites. They accumulate in it due to dust, flakes of dead human skin, hair, animal hair and food residues. Dust mites can not only be gotten rid of by frequent vacuuming, but also by frost or sunshine.

How to remove dog or cat hair from the carpet?

Above all, it is difficult to remove dog and cat hair from a carpet with a high pile. That's why it's best to teach your dogs and cats to avoid shaggy carpets. A special spray that acts as a cat and dog repellent could help you with this. Vinegar, which you can also use, does not smell nice to cats.

Tips for carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning products don't have to cost a lot of money, just look around the house and start cleaning carpets with both high and low pile.

1. Use an iron against stains

Although it may seem strange, an iron is one of the greatest helpers for carpet cleaning. With the help of an iron, you can clean most stains from juices, red wine or wax. For stains, use a mixture of three parts of water to one part of vinegar. Spray the solution onto the stain, then place a cloth soaked in warm water over it and iron until the stain is gone.

Similarly, you can also use dishwashing liquid. Put a few drops of the concentrate in warm water, soak a cloth in it and place it on the stain. Then continue with the iron.

Read on to see how to clean wax stains. Mechanically scrape away the remaining wax, then place a paper towel over the stain and gently heat until the wax is absorbed. Finally, cover the stains with baking soda, rub it into the carpet, and then vacuum.

2. Home-made mixture for deep cleaning of carpets

Deeply ingrained dirt in the carpet can often only be cleaned by machine. Mostly, the so-called wet cleaning is used for this. A special cleaning machine called an extractor is used for this. However, if you do not pay for a full carpet cleaning service, but rent just a carpet cleaning machine, you do not need to use commercial and expensive chemicals for cleaning.

Try mixing 3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup vinegar, 2 tablespoons dish soap, 5 drops essential oil, 2 tablespoons fabric softener, and 4 liters hot water. Mix this mixture well and use instead of the commercial solution.

3. Fluff the carpet with ice

Furniture that stands on the carpet often makes the pile folded into the carpet. When you move the furniture, not a good looking spots remain exposed. If the spots are not too severe, making it fluffy again will help. Mix one part of water and one part of vinegar and spray it on the carpet. Leave it on for a while and then dry off the liquid. Take a spoon and, against the direction of the folded pile of the carpet, gradually bring them back up.

If that doesn't help, try the ice method. Place ice cubes in the folded area and let them melt slowly. When the ice cubes are melted, gently vacuum it up, do not press, so as not to fold the pile again.

Place a damp cloth on the affected area and iron until the fabric is dry. When the area is completely dry, fluff the pile carefully.


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