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Do you know how to properly care for hoodies and sweaters?

18. 01. 2022

Do you know how to properly care for hoodies and sweaters?

Slowly but surely we reached the colder half of the year and with it came the weather for hoodies and sweaters. Therefore, it is the right time to pull your favorite pieces out of the storage space and put them into the game. Because it is a seasonal matter, it's also the perfect time to refresh the knowledge of how to take care of them properly.

If you are guessing that taking care of clothes is not just washing and ironing, then you are guessing right. In addition, it is also very important where and how you store your clothes. So come and see what shortens the life of your clothes and destroys it.

1. Hanger

While shirts and coats should hang on a hanger, hoodies and sweaters do not get well with them. When you hang a sweater or a hoodie on a hanger, you will have holes marked on your shoulders and the material will be slowly getting destroyed. Since hoodies are not the cheapest thing today, it will be better to fold them and store them nicely in the closet.

2. Plenty of space

T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies folded into chimneys not only look good, but they even benefit from it. But everything has to be balanced. Chimneys should not be formed from more than five pieces of clothes. There are several reasons for this - a carefully made chimney will not collapse, the clothes will not be unnecessarily under the heavy load and you can comfortably take out the bottom piece.

If you don't have enough space at home for making each chimney out of five pieces of clothes, don't get upset, you can easily make the chimneys higher, just be careful not to mix larger pieces with smaller ones - it would really collapse.

3. Don't throw things in a pile

Throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Leave clothes that were worn but they are still clean in the fresh air, throw them over a chair or use a silent helper and then fold them up again and put them in the closet.

4. Gentle washing

When the time comes and you need to wash your hoodie, sweater or pants, read the label and always remember to wash your clothes gently. Otherwise it may lose color. Always turn clothes upside down before putting them in the washing machine, the surface will not fade so much and the clothes will look nice for much longer. When washing the hoodies, close the zippers and check the pockets. Unzipped zippers could destroy other clothes in the washing machine. On the contrary, sweaters with buttons or shirts should be washed with the buttons open, as the holes would be pulled out and then the buttons would not be kept closed.

In particular, do not wash hoodies with a print on it too often (it is ideal to wash them after every sixth or seventh wear), the print would be washed very quickly. Also pay attention to the amount of washing powder you use, the more you put in the washing machine, the more you should rinse your clothes. The undissolved powder would remain on the clothes and make maps on it. Which, of course, doesn't look good on dark clothes. Therefore, also consider using a gel detergent.

Recently, you can see not only classic hoodies but also technical hoodies, which are used instead of jackets. They are well known for being able to reduce the moisture and most of them also have water-repellent treatment. Therefore, you should take into account that special care must be taken to maintain their special features.

5. Hand washing is sometimes a necessity

A cashmere sweater, a silk scarf or a blouse or satin underwear, these and many other pieces of clothes need special care, which you can only give them when washing by hand. Well, not only that, you can also put some pieces in the washing machine and switch on a gentle program. Don't forget to put them in the zip net.

Cotton, silk and cashmere sweaters should be washed after every other wear and wool and synthetic sweaters after every fifth wear to keep them in shape.

If you do not feel like washing at home and you want your wool sweater or coat to be really well taken care of, send them to a dry cleaner's, where they will take care of them. They will then be returned home clean, fragrant and, above all, undamaged and ready to be worn right away.

6. Be careful with the sun

It is true that drying clothes in the sun is used in summer rather than autumn and winter, but you should still think about what you want to dry in the sun. First of all, do not dry clothes of strong colors in direct sunlight. Always spread sweaters, hoodies and other tops on a dryer over a larger space so that the shape of your clothes stays the same.

7. Steam iron

If you still have a classic iron at home, replace it with a steam iron, because steam is much more gentle on materials. For some materials, it is even better to use a clothes steamer that makes the clothes straight and it can also be used for clothes that are on a hanger.

8. Store seasonal clothing in vacuum bags

Vacuum bags have several advantages. On the one hand, they take up less space and you can fit more pieces into the storage space, they protect them from dust and, in addition, you make sure that moths do not get inside. The bags can be used repeatedly - when you take out autumn and winter clothes, you can put summer tops back inside of them again. Because they are transparent, you also have a perfect overview of what is inside. However, always put clothes washed or cleaned in your vacuum bags.

If you do not want to worry about cleaning a large amount of seasonal clothing, send it to the laundry or dry cleaner via our online form.


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