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The evolution of the tie

04. 05. 2020

The evolution of the tie

The history of some clothes and accessories goes further back in time than we might expect. Getting acquainted with some historical facts about the origin of the weapon of gentlemen - a tie, is certainly not harmful, as they include a lot of interesting things.

The origins of the original ties are associated with King Louis XIV of France, called the King of the Sun, and with Croatian soldiers, dating back to the 17th century. Croatian regiment, which Louis XIV. used for his own purposes, attracted the attention thanks to the scarves tied around soldiers' neck. These uniform scarves were tied to the soldiers by their girls during the farewell. And because the French language use the word Croaté to describe the Croats, the name cravate was derived from this word. From France, the tie then spread throughout Europe and gained many forms over time.

We would find the ancestors of ties hundreds of years earlier in the history. Ancient states like Egypt and China used a piece of cloth draped over their shoulders and around their necks, which represented a symbol of the wearer's social status. However, they lacked what makes modern ties modern - a knot. There are also mentions that some form of scarves or "ties" were worn by Roman legionaries. In their case, they probably served to protect them against adverse weather or to identify specific military units. We can only speculate whether the mentioned accessories can really be included among the predecessors of today's ties. One way or another, a certain connection makes sense.

Ties as we know them today became a common part of men's suits during the 19th century. For example, the First Republic men's clothing included, among other things, ties and bow ties, which clearly underlined the charm and elegance of the era. And so the gentlemen in suits and ties perfectly stood out next to their ladies dressed in dresses from the most famous Czech designer of the time, Hana Podolská. Today, we have a huge number of ties to choose from. They differ in cuts, colors, materials and they can be tied into various forms.

Whether you wear ties to work or you only choose to wear them in the case of celebrations and special or formal events, one thing remains the same - we will be happy to help you clean up any tie. If you want to take care of your ties responsibly, keep in mind that they should not be tied up or crumpled when not worn. This could lead to irreversible wrinkling.


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