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How to clean leather motorcycle jacket

27. 04. 2020

How to clean leather motorcycle jacket

Are you planning on going on your first 100 spring kilometers on your motorcycle? And what about your motorcycle clothes, are they ready for the new season? If you haven't had time to clean your motorcycle clothes before the winter, then now is the best time to have them cleaned.

Leather jacket, pants or overalls are a biker's classic clothes. To look as good in them as before, you have to take good care of them. All you have to do is follow the proven instructions and the next time you hit the road, you will just shine.

1. Remove the safety pads

Before cleaning and washing, remove all the safety pads and unclip the parts that can be unclipped. Don't forget to check your pockets and take out all the forgotten things. Fasten the velcro carefully, use counterparts or pieces of cloth.

2. Start cleaning

A leather jacket or other leather clothing does not belong in the washing machine. You need to gently clean it in your hand, but be careful how much you soak the leather, as the leather does not tolerate water and there is a risk of cracking.

Use lukewarm water and soap for cleaning. Apply soapy water with a cloth and wipe gently. Use cotton swabs in inaccessible places. Use a soft toothbrush for larger dirt. As soon as you get rid of all the dirt, remove the soap solution with lukewarm, clean water.

You can also use special leather care products instead of water and soap. If you decide to use them, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

The most common dirt that can occur on a motorcycle jacket is dust, insects and sweat. Removing them regularly will be easier than leaving it for another day to clean. The part that is being probably under the biggest pressure is the collar of the jacket, so the question is -how do you clean the collar of a leather jacket or coveralls? Regularly remove sweat stains with a toothbrush, sponge or cloth. Similarly, take care of the area around the pockets and hem of the sleeves.

3. Drying

Allow the biker jacket, pants and coveralls to dry at room temperature. Ideally, dry it horizontally to prevent leather from pulling . Do not dry them in the sun or on the heater, as this will damage the leather.

4. Lubrication is important

When you have your clothes dry, don't forget to lubricate them properly. Use a lubricant designed to maintain leather clothing. The perfect product should contain the beeswax. Use a soft cloth to polish the leather. However, make sure that the leather is really dry before applying a lubricant, otherwise the lubricant will not adhere.

Pay a good attention to lubrication. Without proper lubrication, the leather would harden and crack. Thanks to lubrication, the leather remains elastic and retains its waterproof features.

You should take care of your biker leather boots and gloves as well as you take care of a leather jacket. However, clean them more often and let them dry thoroughly before cleaning.

If you do not want to deal with cleaning your motorcycle clothing, then send it to a motorcycle clothing dry cleaners. Professionals will know exactly how to take care of leather clothes, and you will be sure that they will be returned to you in perfect condition.


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