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The best way to clean a wedding dress

14. 02. 2020

The best way to clean a wedding dress

Every bride wants her big day to be absolutely perfect. This is also associated with a beautiful wedding dress that shines from the distance. In such a state, however, the dress usually survives only the ceremony and with the passage of time various stains appear on it, which simply cannot be prevented. We therefore looked at how to clean wedding dresses without turning them into masquerade ball costume.

We can say that there are currently three types of brides. Some rent their dress at the dress store, others have them tailor-made and then they store the dress in the closet and the third type of brides buy the dress and sell them after the wedding. Whatever option you decide for, expect that the dress will have to be taken care of as soon as possible after the wedding.

Clean your wedding dress as soon as possible

If you decide to rent your wedding dress, you do not need to worry about washing them later. It is a common way for the rental dress company to charge you for the cleaning as part of the rental price. You will find out how much it will cost you directly from the price list or from the contract you sign with the rental company. The advantage of it is that you can go on your honeymoon in peace and not worry about anything.

If you are one of the hopeless romantics who can't give up their dresses, don't forget to clean them before putting them in the closet. Cleaning the dress as soon as possible also applies to those brides who decide to sell their dresses after the wedding. The longer you delay cleaning, the more the stains will get into the fabric and you will find it difficult to get rid of them.

How to properly clean a wedding dress?

To give the dress the best care and to keep them beautiful, just like on your wedding day, you need to figure out how to clean them. Each material requires its own care, so don't forget to keep the information about its maintenance they gave you in the store. For tailor-made dresses, your tailor will be happy to give you this information so don't forget to ask.

Dry cleaning or professional wet cleaning is usually recommended for wedding dresses. Each fabric has its own characteristics, on the basis of which it reacts differently to water temperature and chemicals.

What stains most often occur on wedding dresses?

Since you are wearing the dress all day, the stains on the wedding dress are completely normal. The hem of the dress that touches the ground will certainly have the most stains. It will be the most dirty, especially on rainy days. There are also very common stains from sweat, food or makeup. In addition to the stains that are visible, the dress will smell with a variety of odors.

Cleaning wedding dresses at home

As well as most formal dresses, even wedding dresses are usually not suitable for washing machine. It must not be bleached or chemically cleaned. In addition to the material about which you have information from the manufacturer, you must also take into account the applications that appear on the dress. It mostly consists of rhinestones, sequins, beads or lace. These applications are a stumbling block even when gently washing a wedding dress in a washing machine. It is the best if you put the dress in a canvas bag and wash it using the finest program at the lowest temperatures up to 30⁰ C.

If you find that the dress are not suitable for washing in the washing machine, you can try to clean the dress in hands. But first try stain remover product on a small piece of fabric that is not very visible to see how the fabric reacts to it. Soap water, for example, works perfectly on the hem of a dress. To clean small stains, use a soft toothbrush to apply cleaning products.

Cleaning wedding dresses in the dry cleaner's

Wedding dresses are very bulky and often do not even fit in your washing machine at home. When you take into accout all the decorations and possible ignorance of the material, it is better to have the dress cleaned by professionals. You can be sure that the dress will come back clean, will smell nice and, most importantly, will not shrink or be damaged during its maintenance. In short, dress will look great whether you store it in a closet or sell it so that they can make another bride happy.

However, if something goes wrong anyway and your dress return from the dry cleaner's in a condition that is not acceptable, we will arrange a free re-cleaning for you. However, due to the fact that we work with proven partners who have many years of experience, this practically does not happen.


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