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How to properly wash and impregnate sportswear?

27. 05. 2020

How to properly wash and impregnate sportswear?

Keep your sportswear in the best condition possible thanks to regular maintenance. Quality impregnation and cleaning detergents will significantly extend its functionality and save you a lot of worries and money. We have prepared a small helpful list of tips for you on how to properly wash and impregnate functional clothing and sportswear.

Impregnation and washing of functional clothing and sportswear should be following certain rules. Those are made of special materials, so it requires special care during washing, impregnation and other care. The method varies according to the specific material and also the degree of dirt.

In some cases it is necessary to wash clothes and sometimes it is enough to only impregnate them. Ideally, however, do these two activities together. Firstly wash them and only then impregnate, otherwise the result may not be perfect.

How to wash or clean functional or outdoor clothes?

The basic rule for washing functional clothing such as thermal underwear, sportswear, fleece, softshell jackets and more is to wash them in a specialized laundry detergent. Classic washing powders disrupt the structure of the membranes, stick the individual fibers together, which means the textiles lose its breathability and its function of water repellency is reduced.

Detergents for functional clothing and equipment usually have a gel consistency and, unlike other conventional washing powders, maintain and renew their structure. This improves breathability and preserves the water resistance of clothing. The materials will also remain their thermal insulation features where needed.

Before putting clothes in the washing machine, empty the pockets and close the zippers as they could tear the fibers if they remain open. Secure the velcro with the mating piece and turn the clothes inside out. Remember to wash functional clothing only with other functional clothing. Functional materials of different colors do not soak up other colors, but other materials could release its color and thus color the functional clothes.

How to impregnate functional clothing?

Waterproof and water-repellent clothing (jackets and pants) and softshell or gore-tex clothing should be impregnated immediately after washing. You can use several methods for home impregnation. Probably the easiest and fastest way to apply is impregnation in a washing machine. With this method of application, it is necessary to pour the impregnation into the washing machine directly after washing and start another washing cycle. You can also impregnate clothes by hand in the sink or in the washbasin.

The disadvantage of this method of impregnation is that it is necessary to activate the insulating features in the dryer or by ironing it over a cloth. However, you can also impregnate clothing with impregnating products in a form of spray or sprinkler. However, they are applied to dry clothes only. You can use those to improve the water-repellent features of clothes between washes. Home impregnations are not as effective as those used in professional dry cleaners.

Impregnation in the dry cleaners

However, you can keep functional, outdoor clothes and sportswear in a good shape even without any effort. In particular, you can send larger pieces of winter jackets and pants or ski suits to the dry cleaner's. In addition to professional laundry, the dry cleaners can also help you impregnate your sportswear. They use special products that are added to the bath in the last stage of washing. This makes impregnation much more effective. It penetrates into the fibers and acts directly inside the cloth. So you don't have to worry that the bad weather will find you unprepared.

However, the impregnation needs to be repeated regularly, otherwise the water-repellent features will disappear and the clothes will no longer fulfill their functions. Therefore, it is recommended to send these types of clothing to the dry cleaner regularly, depending on how often you wear it. The membranes are clogged with dust, sweat and their features are also reduced by mechanical wear, such as carrying a backpack.

Regular care of your clothes will help you keep your clothes in a good shape so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. In addition, you will save money on the purchase of new pieces.


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