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Keep your work and formal clothes in a good shape

27. 05. 2020

Keep your work and formal clothes in a good shape

Do you regularly wear a suit to your worksite or do you have a prescribed dress code at work? Then you must be thinking about how to keep your clothes in the best possible condition for a long time. There are more options for you, but not all of them are suitable for clothing in the long run. One of the most gentle and at the same time the most effective option is the so-called finishing of clothes.

What is finishing?

Finishing is the final step of fabrics washing, thanks to which a better appearance and durability of fabrics is achieved. Thanks to the finishing step, you will prevent creasing and soiling of the clothes. This will make the clothes more resistant to natural influences, dust and smog.

Finishing is therefore great for the maintenance of formal wear, which often crumples, and also for final care of the uniforms of receptionists, waiters or waitresses. Their clothes must look perfect during the whole shift in all circumstances. Thanks to the special maintenance provided by the finishing, this will indeed be the case.

However, reduced creasing is just one of many benefits of finishing. The microlayer that forms on the surface of the clothes also prevents from dirt, therefore it is also suitable for the maintenance of rondons, aprons and other uniforms where there is a risk of getting it dirty.

Finishing is also suitable for theatrical and film costumes. In these, the actors have to move a lot on stage and they need to always look perfect. At the same time, it is not possible for costume designers to wash and iron the costumes every day. Finishing will allow the costumes to be reused without having to wash and iron frequently.

How is the finishing done?

During finishing, a special detergent in the form of an aerosol is applied to the clothes, which is then ironed into the clothes. That is the reason why only clothes that can be ironed can be finished. After ironing, a transparent layer is created on the clothes, which will help the clothes to keep in shape. At the same time, it prevents from dirt and also any impurities do not get into the depth of the fiber. At the same time, the colors of the clothes are refreshed. In addition, the clothes become more resistant to natural influences, dust and smog.

Surface treatment for all clothes

As you can see, the finishing is perfect not only for work clothes, but also for formal wear. Your jackets, costumes and women's dresses and suits will definitely appreciate such care at least once in a while. In addition to the fact that they will not be crumpled, any possible drop of wine will not endanger them so much and they will also retain their beautifully bright colors.

Impregnation is also a popular surface treatment of clothing. However, it is used for sports and functional clothing. It protects it from getting wet and at the same time maintains its breathability. Active impregnation lasts 2 to 3 months on clothes, but it is recommended thath you renew it, similarly to finishing, with each wash.

These finishing stages of clothes care are one of the reasons why you should send your work and formal wear to a dry cleaner's. In addition to a professional approach to washing, trained staff will also take care of the application of surface treatment, such as mentioned finishing. Impregnation can be applied at home by yourself, but it is a bit different with finishing, you can't handle it at home.

When using a dry cleaner's, add the fact that you don't have to worry about anything. You just need to mention in the form that in addition to washing, cleaning and ironing, you also want your clothes to be finished or impregnated. The courier will pick up your clothes and take them to the dry cleaner's. The clothes will then be brought to you back clean, ironed and treated.


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