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About us

We are colleagues, former classmates, and friends. Our company does not own any car or washing machine. We share the idea of shared economy and therefore believe there is no need to build new facilities.

Vyčistili jsme přes 28 000 ks oblečení a textilií
Čistíme více než 170 položek
Máme už více než 4 500 spokojených zákazníků

We love minimalism and sustainable business. We want to make cleaning a hassle free that does not cost you any time and help your clothes last longer. We come up with online dry-cleaning service with delivery to your door. We cooperate with Messenger logistic company and carefully selected local dry cleaning.

We have many plans. However, our priority is to provide excellent service for the reasonable price. We always look for the extension of our portfolio, thus if you did not find the item you need to clean, let us know.

We work with local dry cleaners

We partner with family businesses with long tradition. We help them with the innovations that address to current customers’ needs. We aim to improve the service quality and the whole industry as well. Our partners are members of the Laundry and Dry-cleaning association in the Czech Republic and regularly contribute to the Informator magazine. They are serious about the cleaning and about the environment.

Last mile delivery by the Messenger

Specializing in the last mile delivery, Messenger was established in 1991 and has become a synonymous with the courier. Among its customers one can find thousands of companies across the Czech Republic. The iconic has become a messenger on the bike. However, the company operates a car fleet which we exclusively use for the pickup and drop off. We honour the Messenger as well for their support of the Paraple Centrum.

How Cleany works?

You order

We collect

We deliver

Our team

I am enthusiastic about innovative solutions and never-ending optimist. I believe that a great future is ahead of us. I like to create innovative ideas and believe that technology should serve to a man. Hanuš Zvolský

I am fascinated about stepping out and have courage to do things differently. I love to take existing things and make the unique service that serve to other people. Patrik Neumeister

I like to spend time with my family and friends. I love traveling, barbecue and garden parties. I used to wear a suit all the time, but I believe that the most important part of your outfit is perfectly clean shoes. The clothes should ideally fit and go together, therefore I love made to measure. I am interested in projects with added value and Cleany is one of them. Martin Holček

The fashion is part of the expression of my feelings and shows who I am that day. I never throw any clothes away. I rather sell it or give to somebody else to make him happy. I believe every item tells a story that should be as long as possible. Eliška Krutáková

Contact us

Are you a dry cleaner or own a laundry and want to cooperate with us?

Can’t you find the item you need to clean?

Are you interested in the innovations of the dry cleaning and laundry industry?

Do you have an idea and want to get in touch with us? Send us an email to we will be happy to chat with you.


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