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Washing bed sheets doesn't have to be a rocket science

11. 09. 2022

Washing bed sheets doesn't have to be a rocket science

Clean, soft and fragrant bed sheets make falling asleep the best part of the day. Do you know how to do it so that your bed sheets are even more hygienically clean? Our article will tell you how to wash and iron bed sheets so that you can really enjoy your sleep.

Washing bed sheets and bedding in general is important because you get rid of dust mites, odors and sweat that gets into them every night. In one night, a healthy person sweats approximately 1.5 liters of sweat, which soaks into the bedding. This is also the reason why you should wash your sheets at least once, rather twice a month. If you follow our instructions, you will be sure that your bed sheets will stay in shape longer and it will have a nice color.

1) Wash the bed sheets inside out and buttoned

When you bring new bed sheets home, make sure you always wash it before use to remove any residual colors from the factory. Turn the bed sheets inside out and wash them with buttons or zippers closed. By turning it inside out, the colors will always remain bright and the bedding will look like new for a long time.

2) Wash bed sheets of the same color at the same time

Try not to just sort the bed sheets into white and dark colors, like you do with regular clothes. Separate bright colors, patterns, gray and black. Otherwise, the colors will wash out and fade or, on the contrary, the stains will not be washed.

3) Do not overfill the washing machine

Do not add any other type of laundry to the washing machine when washing bed sheets. Put the bed sheets in the washing machine loosely, do not fold them. The fabric needs space to get washed well and the washing powder will be able to get into all the folds of the bedding.

After washing the bed sheets, remove it from the washing machine as soon as possible and hang it on a hanger. It is best to dry it inside out in a shady but ventilated place. The strong rays of the sun could whiten the colors on the bed sheets.

4) Do not use economical washing modes

Wash bed sheets on a longer program, because with a short program, the fabric does not have time to wash and rinse sufficiently. The washing detergent will not dissolve sufficiently and its residues will remain in the fabric. If the washing machine has a program designed for washing bed sheets, use it. If you do not have such a program, select the cotton program. Set the temperature to 40-60°C and the rotation speed to 1000-1200 per minute. Also add a rather smaller amount of washing powder.

Choose a washing powder for washing bed sheets without containing dangerous chemicals. Ecological washing powders, which are also suitable for people with allergies and babies, are ideal.

The selection on the market is really wide, and even for heavily soiled bed sheets you can find an ecological detergent in the form of powder or gel. They can differ, for example, only in dosage or length of washing cycle needed.

5) Wash at the prescribed temperature

We recommend washing bed sheets at a temperature of 40-60 °C. However, do not be afraid to wash bed sheets at lower temperatures as well. Dirt and bacteria are being removed at a temperature of 40 °C. Thanks to washing bed sheets at a lower level, the fabric does not get worn out and thus you ensure a long life and stable colors. Iron the bed sheets to rid it of any bacteria and mites. But be careful, don't iron crepe or satin.

Only white cotton and damask bed sheets can be boiled at 95°C. These types of bedding can withstand high temperatures and will not be damaged. Do not try this with other types of bed sheets, as it loses its color and shrinkage of the fabric occurs at this temperature.

6) Dry the bed sheets in fresh air or at a low temperature in the dryer

Dry the bed sheets freely in the fresh air. Ideally, lay it over several cords so that there are no creases in the bedding. Also, avoid hanging it by the corners as the bed sheets would pull out.

How often to wash and change bed sheets?

Have you bought new bed sheets and are you now wondering how often to change them? People often think that it is enough to change the bed sheets once a month. However, this is not enough as you should ideally change and wash the bed sheets at least once or twice per week, even every 3 days for people with allergies. The bed is home to mites and bacteria. When you add your dead skin, dust and sweat to that, you create perfect conditions for them to live.


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